Aquarius Drunk Sign

Aquarius Drunk Zodiac Sign

Is your Zodiac Sign Aquarius? You may be a Aries when you’re sober, but another Zodiac Sign when your Drunk. Your drunk personality determines your Drunk Zodiac Sign.

Sun Sign Symbol: The Water Bearer
Aquarius Drunk Sign Symbol: Wile E. Coyote

Drinks of Choice: Microbrew Beer, Organic Wine, Herb Infused Vodka

Aquarius Drunk Sign Quote: “I’m calling in sick tomorrow.”

People born under the Aquarian Sun Sign are very innovative and inventive. They are the engineers of the zodiac. Someone you refer to as a “Pointexter” has Aquarian traits.

But sometimes Aquarians get so focused on their projects that they forget a major detail. An example would be building a great machine with a cord too short to reach the electric socket. My coffee grinder was probably designed by an Aquarius.

Like their Sun Sign sisters and brothers, Aquarian Drunk sign people are brilliant, but do not think ahead. That’s why they get wicked, debilitating hangovers that last for days. Aquarius Drunk Sign people use up all of their sick days before the end of January.

Not an Aquarius Drunk Sign? Check out the other Drunk Zodiac Signs to see which one fits your drunk personality. Tell us your Drunk Sign in the TipsyAstrologer Drunk Zodiac Sign Poll.



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