Cancer Drunk Sign

Cancer Drunk Zodiac Sign

Is your Zodiac Sign Cancer? You may be a Cancer when you’re sober, but another Zodiac Sign when your Drunk. Your drunk personality determines your Drunk Zodiac Sign.

Sun Sign Symbol: The Crab
Cancer Drunk Sign Symbol: Tear-soaked Crumpled Used Tissue

Drinks of Choice for the Cancer Drunk Sign: Buttery Chardonnay, White Russians, Nuts and Berries Shots

Cancer Drunk Sign Drunk Quote: None. They just sit in the corner and pout.

Those born under the Sun Sign of Cancer are quite sensitive, and prone to mysterious mood swings. The most caring and compassionate zodiac sign, they make decisions based on their big hearts.

Cancer Drunk Sign people are a hundred times more sensitive than their Sun Sun brothers and sisters. It’s like their emotions are on steroids. You know them. After a few drinks, they start to get morose and whiny. These are the weepy drunks who go on and on, crying about who done them wrong or hurt them deeply. Blah, Blah, Blah. Whah, Whah.  And they don’t stop until they pass out, which you pray happens very soon, because Cancer Drunk Sign members of the Zodiac are real bummers.

Not a Cancer Drunk Sign person? Check out the other Drunk Zodiac Signs to find your drunk personality. Tell us your Drunk Sign in the TipsyAstrologer Drunk Zodiac Sign Poll.



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