Virgo Drunk Sign

Virgo Drunk Zodiac Sign

Is your Zodiac Sign Virgo? You may be a Virgo when you’re sober, but another Zodiac Sign when your Drunk. Your drunk personality determines your Drunk Zodiac Sign.

Sun Sign Symbol: The Virgin
Virgo Drunk Sign Symbol: The Red Cross

Drinks of Choice:  Vintage Wine; Cosmopolitan (straight up, not too pink, not too tart, not too sweet, and don’t fill the glass too high so it sloshes over the rim)

Drunk Quote: “Down those stairs and turn right.”

If you need to find the bathroom, simply ask a Virgo Drunk Sign. They are the go-to girl (or guy) in a crisis. Even drunk, a Virgo Drunk Sign person can always be counted on to drive you home, find your keys or call a cab. It’s as if they flip a switch that sobers them up enough to function, at least temporarily.

Not a Virgo Drunk Sign person? Check out the other Drunk Zodiac Signs to find your drunk personality. Tell us your Drunk Sign in the TipsyAstrologer Drunk Zodiac Sign Poll.


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